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Ideas: Add Queue Feature to All Devices

Ideas: Add Queue Feature to All Devices

Status: Open Ideas

I was looking how to queue up songs in Pandora premium, in a similar way that I can do on Spotify and I found my way to this link:

to which this response was given:







@blues-sevenfold That is correct - queue is currently only available on mobile.

If you'd like to see this option get added to other devices as well, feel free to create a feature request for your suggestion here.

So I am doing so, I would like this feature to be available on desktop apps, this is  major feature Spotify has compared to Pandora.


mod edit: changed title for clarity


Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @ctargia , thanks for your feedback for queue on all devices! 👍🏻Don't forget to ❤️The more votes an idea gets the more likely that it will be looked at for our roadmap at some point. 

Thanks for posting to FR!


I completely agree! Pandora definitely needs to unify their feature set across platforms. Very weird to have such large disparities between mobile apps and desktop apps.

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I'm currently evaluating whether or not to switch from spotify to pandora as my main music streaming platform. The ability to view and manipulate the play queue is one of the important features for me with spotify. It ultimately may not be a show-stopper for me with pandora, but I would miss it greatly. I might also miss the ability to "follow" artists although, from what I've seen so far, I suspect pandora's algorithms will eventually give analogous results from thumbs-up|thumbs-down on individual songs.


How can such a basic piece of functionality be missing from a music player/streamer? Please add queuing (yes, like Spotify) to the PC desktop app and any other platform missing it.


Ditto this request -- please add queueing to browser/desktop app!

I'm in a free trial of Pandora Premium and I definitely need convincing to fully transition over from Spotify...

Obviously Pandora's original "Stations" feature is superior to Spotify, but the queueing definitely needs work.