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Ideas: Add custom album art on stations & playlist

Ideas: Add custom album art on stations & playlist

Status: Open Ideas

Does anybody know if the Playlist Screen allows for customization i.e. using your own photos as the music plays?

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We've all been asking that question for years.

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I'm getting to the point of believing there are only two people who actually work at Pandora, one guy in the morning to turn off the lights and one guy in the evening to turn on the lights. Their algorithm is atrocious and 4 of my stations have suddenly become a repeat of themselves playing the same song across all them. New songs will only appear when I create a new station then Pandora will play all of those songs on all the other similar stations (that I've had for years) instead of being proactive like they used to be, and suggesting the artist before I create a station with them. Example: say I have a Nirvana station for 3 years and then a friend shows me Foo Fighters so I create a Foo Fighters station, then out of no where Pandora decides to play Foo Fighters on the Nirvana Station. Well no Sh** I shouldn't have had to make a Foo Fighters station for your algorithm to have figured that out! And then there is the Picture fiasco for our created stations... two people.

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I need to be able to customize the picture on playlistssss


This has not happened yet? Seems not. 🤔😠

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Later this year we'll 'celebrate' the 5th Anniversary of this feature request. Yay.

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Bump! + 1
Feature When? @Pandora 

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Guys, this is never going to happen. 

If it hasn’t been a priority for the last FOUR AND A HALF years, it means it’s just never going to be important enough to do. 

They know it’s here. They don’t care. 

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could add pictures as covers to playlists that you make?

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Community Manager

@NateTaylor I moved your post over to this existing thread: Ideas: Add custom album art on stations & playlist

Make sure to upvote this Idea with a ❤️ if you'd like to see this added to Pandora as well.

Thanks for being a part of the community!