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Ideas: Control playback across devices

Ideas: Control playback across devices

Status: Open Ideas

Spotify Connect lets you control playback across your devices, and easily switch which device you're listening on. It's an enormously convenient feature. You can play music from your TV and control it with your phone. Or you can listen on your computer, but if you're getting ready to walk away, you can switch to your phone.

It would make Pandora an even more effective competitor if it had something similar.

More details here.

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This would be huge. It used to be in, which Pandora acquired, and I think rdio was the first service to implement this feature altogether.

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I am in the same need to have more flexibility with Pandora allowing playback on other devises. Is there an update on this ? 

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I'm a new user of Pandora, as I’ve been using Spotify for a while now. 

Frankly,  I’m surprised to see that this is not currently possible with Pandora.

however, there are so many other features of Pandora that make it superior for my purposes, I may continue to prefer it over Spotify....but not for long, if I can’t control what’s playing on my computer, from my iPhone....


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I'm bumping this. I too want this feature.

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Yeah, I just came back to try out Pandora for a month, just switched off Spotify. The fact that I can't control the music from another device is enough to not retain me, I'm afraid. I'm digging how much I can customize a radio station and find the mix to be better in general. But I listen to music in my apartment and while at work, and I need to be able to control the music from where I am.

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still on this. it would be clutch af to use my phone app to control my laptop playing pandora connected to the component. please, lets make this happen

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How is this not the most popular feature request?  I have a PC with Pandora running and my phone with Pandora app and it'd just be nice that even though it will only play on the PC, and thus the stereo that PC is connected to, I can Like and Dislike or Skip with my phone.

Spotify is a good example of this.   It's a great feature.

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Well, since I can not volume control my Pandora (which is playing from inside the house) while I am in my Patio I will be switching to Spotify.  My Son-in-Law demonstrated the feature on Spotify.  See you later Pandora. 

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This is what made me go with Spotify in the first place.  Too many life interruptions, sadly, to ever imagine that I could just put an album on and listen.  Phone rings, door knocks, kid asks questions, etc.  Just a **ahem** pause button would have made all the difference.

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Somewhat like casting but really the phone app is just remotly driving my whole home sound system from my computer. The phone app just ask what speakers I want to play to but I have full control from both phone and PC. 

This is the primary reason I have used Spotify in the past but really like Pandora music stations better and do not want to go back to Spotify.