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Ideas: iOS - Download previous versions of Pandora

Ideas: iOS - Download previous versions of Pandora

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I have an older iPad that won’t update past iOS 9.3.5. This iPad currently exists only to use Pandora on our non Bluetooth speaker system.  .i would like the ability to down date to an earlier version of Pandora  

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ipod4 / ios 6.1.6 used strictly for pandora and itunes.

have paid subscriptio.

was working fine, then started skipping....stopping.

removed app (pandora one) to reload.

now can no longer reload (says not compatible).

tried to update ipod with apple - no luck.

can't get any info from pandora.

very frustrated as had huge collection on pandora & was NOT free app!


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Given the number responses to this I can see am not alone.

Pandora seems to be oblivious to making ANY effort to correct and/or accomodate customers, more concerned with "CORPORATE POLICY".  I know that the version that is  needed is stored somewhere, and would be simple matter to allow download, if not automatically, on a per request basis. This however would require some effort, no matter how miniscule, and more importantly to Pandora, maybe some slight cost, therefor since is not directly in the interest of corporate earnings, is totally disregarded.

Perhaps moving to a new provider is the solution, the loss of revenue (I am a paid subscriber) plus the lack of vewers of ads on free accounts, causing the value of the ads to diminish (read: corporate profits) would get someones actual attention, rather than the useless "lip service" that has been provided so far.

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I'm in the same boat.  I have an iPad Mini 1 that I reset.  It won't go past iOS 9.3.5 and hence, Pandora will no longer download to it.  Most apps will no longer download actually.  My PC is like 10 years old, but still runs with older versions of software.  Why can't Pandora give us the older version that will run on iOS 9.3.5?  On top of that, I just signed up for Premium.  I guess I will be cancelling this month.

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Same here i deleted Pandora BY MISTAKE and went to app store and it wont work on my 9.3.3 I POD TOUCH

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I have an older iPad that's still got plenty of life, but that I can't put Pandora on because its maximum iOS is 12.5.4, and the current Pandora version won't install. I understand that old versions can't be supported forever, but giving me an option to download old versions would let me keep using Pandora. As it is, I'm switching over to Spotify, which I don't prefer.

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Please click the blue heart at the top of this request.  Pandora may help us if more people go on record needing an older version of the app, but they're apparently not going to read and count all these requests (which number much greater than 43 as of this date).


Click the heart!


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Not only is Pandora to blame for not making their app backward compatible, but Apple too. They have a history of making sure their devices are obsolete within a certain number of years so people will have to purchase new devices. This is why people have drawers full of old, but perfectly functional devices that really can't be used for anything. It's BS.

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Perhaps should cancel paid subscription & go back to android.
But then neither would care.

Don't forget there are old versions of Pandora available that will work on your current older iOS (at least back to iOS 10), you can still get from the Apple App Store.  The device itself doesn't matter as long as its an iPhone or iPad that can run iOS 10 or newer. iOS 5 and older will not work.  I haven't tried iOS 6, 7, 8 or 9.

If you've purchased Pandora in the past with your Apple ID, it will show under purchases in the app store.

Here's a quick summary, details below that:

  • On your older device, go to the App Store
  • Make sure you're logged in. 
  • Go to the Purchased list and try to download Pandora.  If there is a version available for your current iOS, it will offer it to you.  If not, a version for your iOS is not available. 

I just tried it on an iPhone 5c running iOS 10.3.3 and it worked. 

  • On iOS 10, just go to the App Store, then click on Updates in the lower right corner. 
  • On the Updates screen, click on purchases.  You may be prompted to sign in.  Use your Apple ID to sign in.
  • If you were already signed in, make sure you know what account you're signed in with.  If you have several Apple accounts, make sure you use the one used to download Pandora in the past.
  • Once you're signed in, all your past purchases will appear. 
  • Slide the list down toward the bottom and a search box should appear near the top.  Type in Pandora. 
  • If you've downloaded it in the past, it will come up. 
  • Click the little cloud with the down arrow next to Pandora and if there is a version for your iOS, you'll be prompted:












  • Click Download.
  • Wait for the download to complete, hit open and you're all set. A Pandora shortcut is also placed on the desktop.
  • Note: you must be connected to Wi-Fi to connect to and download from the App Store.

If you don't see the screen above, unfortunately there is not a version of Pandora available for your iOS.  We know it works for iOS 10 and newer.  I don't have a slightly older device to try it on.  I do have a first generation iPad that runs iOS 5.1.1, and there is no compatible version for that iOS.  Sorry.

If you haven't ever downloaded Pandora from the Apple App store in the past, there is still a way to get it for your older device but you will need a newer device running a compatible iOS like 14 or 15. 

  • Just take that newer device and make sure you log into the App Store with the same Apple ID that you'll be using on the older device. 
  • Search for and download Pandora to your newer device and that's it. 
  • It will now show up under purchases on your older device logged in with the same Apple ID. This works with any app, not just Pandora.
  • Follow the instructions above to install.

Note: I've seen a new purchase show up under purchases on a different device right away but sometimes it can take hours, days or even weeks to appear.  Be patient, it will show up on your older device eventually.  Try powering your older device off and back on or log out of the App Store and then back in again.  I downloaded several apps to a new device and they didn't appear under purchases on my old device for several weeks.  I have no idea why.

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I just downloaded all my music apps on my 2nd gen iPad.  I went to purchases on this 2nd gen iPad, signed in to account and there was all my apps from my phone.  I click on the ones I want and it did ask if it wanted to download the last compatible version.  I did and it downloaded.  It was easy.