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Where are Lyrics?


where are song lyrics?


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Hi @fred2! Thanks for posting.

I moved your post from Feature Request to My Collection since this board fits a little bit better. 

If lyrics for the currently playing track are available on Pandora, then they will be displayed below the album art on web. You can click on See All Lyrics to view the full lyrics.

If you don't see lyrics there, we don't have lyrics available for that track. Keep in mind, due to licensing restrictions, we are able to the provide lyrics for some tracks but not others. If these restrictions change, lyrics that were once available may be removed or others may be added.

If you'd like to view lyrics on a mobile device:

Free Pandora listeners and Pandora Plus subscribers can view lyrics for the currently playing song by tapping the carat (^) below the album artwork.

Pandora Premium subscribers can simply scroll down, or tap the info icon (i) on the top right corner of the Now Playing screen.

Initially you will only be able to see a little snippet of the lyrics on this screen, but you can tap Show More or See all lyrics to reveal the rest.


More info:

Additionally, if you have the explicit filter enabled, you won't be able to view the lyrics of explicit tracks. To disable the explicit filter, go into your Settings, select Account, and toggle Allow explicit content to On.

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