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Podcasts on Roku

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I signed up for the free-trial and was willing to pay $9.99/month to receive Podcasts on my television via my ROKU - but the only option is Music. I cancelled the free trial.  Disappointed.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Nam67 I moved your post to the Other Devices space to keep the Community tidy.

Unfortunately, podcasts are not currently available on Roku.

For now, our full podcast collection is only available if you're listening through our mobile app, website, and select devices with the latest version of our app.

As we continue to gather more feedback about this new experience, it will become available on more devices.

Hope we continue to see you around the Community! 😁

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I hope that Roku will have podcast avail soon. 

Local Performer

Please count me in as someone who wants to listen to her podcasts via Pandora on a Roku TV. I’m disheartened every time I open Pandora and don’t see the podcast or episode I was just listening to on my phone. 😕 Why listen on my phone or iPad when I have a great sound system hanging in the wall?

I hope you folks’ll add this functionality soon; it seems as if it oughtta be an easy fix, isn’t it? Just add the existing code from the code for any other device? I for one would be happy to beta test if you’re in need of testers.

Thanks for considering it,


ETA: Yikes; I see the post I’m replying to is 16 months old. 😱 I gather this functionality isn’t a priority. 😞 I’m off to see whether Spotify will make me happy.

Yeow! That was easy. In less than four minutes, I’m listening to my podcasts in Spotify on my TV (and with a user interface that’s an order of magnitude better than the Pandora interface besides!).

Its been fun, Pandora, but I’m breaking up with you. It’s not me; it’s you. You don’t meet my needs anymore. But thanks for all the fun all this time; it was because of you that I learned of Ludovico Einaudi, and I appreciate that more than I can say. Best of luck to you in the future!


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3 years later and still no roku access. 🤦

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