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Ad Feedback - Don't like prompts to upgrade


I am perfectly happy with the free pandora, complete with the ads.

#1: Now, how in the world do I permanently SKIP the upgrade request pop-up every time I start Pandora on my phone?? I have to constantly hit the SKIP button and I'm tired of it.

#2: How do I get the "weekly recap" to stop popping up? I don't give a **ahem** about a weekly recap of what I played.


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For me, a promotion is an ad, and I pay to not have ads, so...

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What the **ahem** is the deal with this ad to update to add free music a hundred **ahem** times an hour ?

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How do I stop the trigger to join up with Pandora Plus? It seems to botch my experience of listing to my usual Plus account. I just want to go to my stations and make new stations and not get sidetracked into an experience that I don't want each time I go to Pandora.

Also,...I don't know who Karaoke Star is. My account is under the username of my email, and I made up a username to make this comment, because the program would not accept my email as my username.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Sylvian Nice to see you around the Community.

Receiving prompts to upgrade to Pandora Premium:

We understand that ads (including those encouraging you to upgrade to Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium) can be disruptive to the listening experience; however, we hope you can understand that they're necessary for us to let people know that we have ad-free music options and a lot of other great new features. That being said, I've noted your feedback for our Product team.


Karaoke Star:

That is your Community ranking (although it looks like you've ranked up to Local Performer since posting that message.

The ranking system on community takes into account all engagement across the community forums. The more you interact with content and posts, the more you'll rank up.

Hope this helps!

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This is by far my biggest complaint with pandora.  I already have Plus, I don't want Premium.  Why do you have to ask me every time I open the App to "Take it offline".  Just stop please!  I understand if the free people get the Ads but as a paying customer, I don't want anymore of your ads.

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Pandora could definitely do better. Just saying, mix went to **ahem** because all you care about is dollars. It shows. Please stop advertising to me to buy more. I have been a faithful customer for longer than you have been alive. Have so respect!

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