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Audio Quality with Pandora Plus

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Pandora One used to give me 192 kHz audio.  What happened?

Audio used to sound better on my Pandora One subscription.  It seems like when the Premium option was added, the One subscription audio quality was lowered.  The quality on IOS is terrible.  Higher quality audio is checked under settings.  

Also, why are rap stations being created on my account without my consent?  I don't want to hear rap **ahem**.  I want more Indie Rock! 

Moderator Edit: Edited title for clarity

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@davidjharris123 Nice to see you around the Community.

Audio quality with Pandora Plus:

For listeners accessing Pandora from a computer, Ad-supported Pandora is 64kbps AAC+, while Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium subscribers have the option of 192kbps.

On Android and iOS devices, ad-supported listeners and Pandora Plus subscribers get anywhere from 24kbps to 64kbps in mono or stereo, depending on the phone, carrier, connection type and - in some cases - the user's settings. Only Pandora Premium subscribers can receive 192kbps on their iOS and Android devices.

Most home-listening devices get 128kbps - whether the account is free or paid.


Random Rap stations on your account:

It sounds like you may have an unauthorized user on your account.

If you'd like help with removing all device associations from your account, and then sign back in to the devices you want to use, let me know and I'll be happy to help.

Adam | Community Moderator

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