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Billed by Apple - How to upgrade a second account

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I'm trying to manage two accounts. One is for my son, one is for me. Getting interrupted by my son while I'm trying to listen to music is getting old. I get the "somebody else is listening. So I have one email address, which is tied to my iCloud account, and a second account which is tied to my work email. When I tried to "upgrade" on the new account using my work email, it defaults to my iCloud payment options, and basically cancels the Premium on my other account that my son is using. I'm trying to have 2 Premium Accounts. How do I pay using a different payment method so it doesn't default to the 

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Community Manager

@aalvidrezGROW Nice to see you around the Community. 👋🏽

Transferring of subscriptions occurs when you're using the same Apple ID on your iOS devices, but different Pandora accounts. A subscription purchased with a particular Apple ID can only be applied to one Pandora account at a time.

If you'd also like to upgrade the second account you use for your son, you will need to do so here.

Just make sure you are signed into the account you intend to use for him when upgrading through that link.

Hope this helps! 

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