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Upgraded to Premium, no premium features?

Local Performer

I upgraded to premium, why am I still being asked to watch videos when I want to re-play a song?

Why does my taskbar still show: "Get Premium"

and yet, my account says, "Your Pandora Plus free trial ends on 12/20/2019"


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@alexandrasimons Our support team took a look at your account and has confirmed that your account is currently upgraded to Pandora Plus - not Pandora Premium.

In the past, free listeners and Pandora Plus subscribers were only able to look for artists and tracks in order to create radio stations.

However, we've updated your experience so that you have the ability to listen to content on-demand, without being a Pandora Premium subscriber.

If you're seeing ads, it's most likely because you're triggering a complimentary session of Pandora Premium without realizing it.

Basically, if you search for and select the name of an artist, or track, or album, you should be brought to a "backstage page" where you can either create a radio station or press play.

If you press play you indicate that you'd like to listen to that content right away (or "on-demand"). Since only Pandora Premium subscribers can listen on-demand, you will either see an ad for Pandora Premium, or be prompted to watch a video ad to unlock a complimentary session of Pandora Premium.


If you would like to officially upgrade to Pandora Premium, you can do so here.

Hope this helps explain. Thanks for being a part of the community!

Adam | Community Moderator

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Local Performer

I upgraded from Plus to Premium and was charged for it, yet I am still asked to view videos when I request a song.  This website is terrible for help -- I am not a "casual fan" I have been a paid member for quite some time and just upgraded to Premium and it is not working even though I have been charged for it.


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Hey there, @alindarose. 👋

Sorry to hear that your subscription hasn't applied to your Pandora account. I completely understand your frustration. 

I've checked in with our User Support team and it looks like you're still upgraded to Pandora Plus through Apple ($4.99/monthly plus tax if applicable).

Since you upgraded through the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch app, and were charged for Premium recently, you should be able to use the following steps to get your subscription activated and returned to your account:

  1. Start by opening the Pandora app on your iOS device, and going to the Profile tab.
  2. Select Upgrade.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the screen and tap Retrieve Your Subscription. You may need to enter your iTunes password to confirm.

This should reapply your subscription to your account.

Let me know how it goes by responding directly on this thread. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Moderator
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