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"Sorry, your payment information is not valid. Please update your details."

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I wanted to change over our entire family to Pandora and convert to the Pandora Premium Family Plan.  Since my individual Premium Plan was set up through Google Play, I was told that I had to cancel that subscription through Google Play and let the current subscription expire and then sign up for the Pandora Premium Family Plan which is only available directly through Pandora an a pc.  I've done all of that, but when I try to enroll in the Pandora Premium Family Plan Pandora on the pc, I get the message "Sorry, your payment information is not valid. Please update your details."  I have already contacted my bank to make sure there isn't a security block, the funds are certainly available, but I keep getting this error.  I already submitted a contact request through Pandora, but have not received an email confirmation nor a ticket number.  If this isn't resolved today, I'll be shifting our music streaming to a different platform.


The lack of customer service via telephone is also a concern and not customer friendly at all.  I've been a Pandora listener for over 15 years as an individual.  Wanting to convert to a family plan with Pandora is proving to be frustrating though.  Does anyone have any insight to a possible resolution?

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@p8riot7 I do see you've submitted a message to our support team through our help page.

Please keep an eye out for their email reply, and they will be happy to further assist.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

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