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Ford - Buffering with iOS device

Local Performer

I have a 2017 Ford F-150 and all the sudden Pandora buffers. I’ve tried master reset on my Ford Sync and uninstalled/reinstalled Pandora. I have it plugged in to USB in truck. I thought it was my outdated IPhone causing problems so I bought a new IPhone 12 Pro Max and I’m still having this issue. I have tried every solution that google has. I am also hearing this issue from my friends as well. They have Chevys, Honda’s etc. Can anyone help?

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Hi @Mirage250! Thanks for posting your experience, sorry to hear this is happening.

I do see that you've written in to our User Support team for help and they've responded via email. To avoid any duplicate troubleshooting steps, I would recommend following up with the agent through email.

I did have a question, does this happens only when connected to your Ford or when you're connected to other devices, like a bluetooth speaker? In your Ford can you connect via Bluetooth only, not through FordSync, and let us know if you continue to have trouble?



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