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SDL "Waiting for Connection" 'feature'

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Since the recent Pandora for Android update, the app is attempting to connect via the Smart Device Link API, and it is doing so perpetually.  This had become truly annoying and I've had remove the app when not using the service.

Please remove this 'feature' such that it is clearly arbitrarily seeking an SDL supported resource.

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 I have an S10 it does this as well. The alert will just go on and off dozens of times in a day


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Two years after Pandora said they're working to fix this, it's still an issue. Please fix this! I'm getting the SDL notification all the time. Auto start and launch from car are disabled. 

Pixel 5, Android 12

Pandora v2201.1

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@glemley8 I definitely understand your frustration.

Your feedback has now been escalated to our engineering team.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

Adam | Community Moderator

Let's share music in the Music + Podcasts

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I've been a very loyal paid customer of pandora for years, and even used them when they were newer, around the time of Slacker on my Blackberry.

I'm disappointed that this issue is still unresolved, even after 2 years of many customers complaining. How many more have come here without even saying anything. I normally fall into that category. I don't usually speak up. But this is quite disappointing. I know Spotify has gotten a lot of market share of streaming music. This unresolved and very frustrating issue could be the tipping point to get many to switch to another service... 

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