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How to add people as friends

Opening Act

How do I do that: add people as friends

Love Gage

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@Gage234-24 I think the only thing you can do is follow them other than that I'm not really sure. You can try asking one of the monitors for Pandora.

@AdamPandora@AlyssaPandora@GeraldPandora@TannerPandora@ShannonPandora. And @ErickPandora one of these great people will be more than happy to assist you. Take care and stay safe friend.

P, S I did see the message you sent me, I was taking a vacation which is why I never responded back, so to answer your question you can feel free to call me Matt. Be safe friend. 

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Local Performer

how do the  add poeple  friends


@PRINCESS_Kiyara good Saturday afternoon, I don't believe @Pandora has that feature. If you go into your personal settings you can set your profile so you can have others private message you. You can also follow other Pandora users so every posts your friends visit you will be able to see where they have been. I hope this helps you with your question. Have a great weekend, take care and GOD bless. 

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