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Listening hours

Local Performer

Are there any badges for listening for 7000 plus hrs ? 

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Diamond in the Rough

Hello @terus1993!

Sorry no, we do not have 7000+ listening hours. But that is a huge step from 250+ to 7000+ So probably we could add badges starting from 300+ to 550+ listening hours if this gets enough upvotes! Thank you and have a nice day! I’ll keep comments on for any requests on other badges also so please say something if you have recommendations! Thank you!

-Demon Deer

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Opening Act

I would certainly like badges for 500+ listening hours.


You and I would be covered in badges then ha! i am at 7529 hours

@terus1993  good morning to you. If you look at your profile while here online, scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see your badges, you will also see an option to view all, click on that and you will see what badges you have earned. Take care and stay safe. 


Diamond in the Rough

Would be nice to have ones for the 1k, 5k, etc. wouldn't it? I didn't realize we had badges but I'm at over 5,000 hours myself. 🙂

@caldella good morning to you, I agree, it would be nice to have such features as new badges for every 1,000 hours of listening, and so on. I know since I have been with Pandora, they have added new features for music listeners. So I'm sure they will get around to adding new features within our profiles as well. Have a great Thursday, take care, and stay safe.  


Local Performer

Can or am i to do something with my badges

@Sami73 I believe the badges are just to allow you and others to know how long you have been with Pandora, and how long you have listened to stations, playlists, podcasts, and so forth. @AlyssaPandora@ErickPandora@AdamPandora@TannerPandora, and @ShannonPandora please correct me if I'm wrong about the badges that one has earned and their uses. @Sami73 you take care and stay safe. 


Chart Topper

I have a question about listening hours. When did Pandora start tracking the listening hours. I have over 7000 listening hours but I've been a member since 2013 and I would have thought the number would be higher.


@AdamPandora @AlyssaPandora 

Diamond in the Rough

I'm not sure if it's since the beginning but it's been a long time. If you listened constantly 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, that would be somewhere at/over 2000 hours a year, so 7k is substantial.

@UncleBud I'm not sure when Pandora added your listening hours, I myself have only been a subscriber since 10/2019, and my listening hours are just under 11,000. 

  P.S Sorry I did not respond sooner to your post (question). Take care and stay safe.