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Michael Jackson (Man In The Mirror) vs Vitamin C (Graduation Song As We Go On)

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Two MAJOR hits in history. We know MJ is by far the superior artist here and hopefully doesnt cause any bias when choosing.


But if you had to choose by instrument and lyrics and overall feel of the song, which one would you go with?

Here are the songs!

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@Cptheg3 you were spot on again, both of these songs were absolutely great. But Michael Jackson's song went much deeper as far as what the song meant. This song and video needs to played at the White House to wake them up. We all can make a difference in the life of just one who is need. But we all need the attitude of wanting too make a difference period. This is my song of choice.

The second song I really enjoyed as well, the smooth lyrics, the nice tone with all of the instruments was great. I will collect this song for my personal Playlist. 

Great job @Cptheg3 as always. Looking forward to the next post. Have a great week, take care and stay safe. 


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Michael Jackson song

@MusicFanInSC Until this post I never heard of Vitamin C, the song that @Cptheg3 chose for this challenge I really did like, so I went to the artist page, and I must say she has some good music. You should give her a listen to. 

Take care and stay safe.


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Vitamin C song really made lots of people cry during their graduation and possibly leaving many friends they got to know in school and that their childhood is gone into adulthood. Lyrics were really powerful in that song. 


But I agree with you, Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror made you look deeper than school or childhood but into the man himself to make a change morally to better everyone else around us. 

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@Cptheg3 Thiswas quite an interesting choice of songs. I agree with @MOHLovesAlaska in that I hadn't heard of Vitamin C. I listened to both songs. Both were good songs... I would give both of them a Thumbs Up if they were on 1 of my stations. But I liked "Man In The Mirror". Thanks for the post and I look forward to seeing more.


@Cptheg3 I love your ongoing series of "this song vs. that song" on the Community!

I'm going with Man in the Mirror on this one. 😎

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @Cptheg3. 👋

I'm going with "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson. Lyrically, I think this is the better song and more impactful. 

Look forward to your next comparison! 🎧



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I'll have to go with Michael Jackson man in the mirror

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You like Michael Jackson too @MusicFanInSC , I also like Michael Jackson. He is the best singer of all time.