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Tanner's Tips: #13 Trials



Welcome to Tanner's Tips!

This post is dedicated to all the great features that Pandora has to offer. Each week I'll be talking about and breaking down a Pandora feature in detail. Some of you may be using these features every day and others maybe not so much. My goal is to introduce something new and fun to your Pandora experience. Thanks for listening! 🎧

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  • Device: Mobile, web and select devices 
  • Subscription: Plus, Premium and Premium Family

Who doesn't love a trial! ❤️ We offer a variety of different trial subscriptions for Pandora Plus, Pandora Premium, and Pandora Premium Family. Read on for more information about how to enroll in or manage a trial subscription. 


How to start a trial subscription

To view any potential trial offers, go to Eligible trial offers will be shown on this page, and may require a credit card for activation. Choose your preferred method of payment to be charged at the time of the trial expiration.

Keep in mind, if you've already participated in a Pandora trial, you may not be eligible for another. 

When your trial expires, the card you have on file with us will automatically be charged. Or if you prefer, you can disable auto-renewal at any time.


Transitioning from a trial subscription to a regular subscription

Good news! If you've enjoyed your free trial and would like to continue your subscription, your method of payment you've provided will automatically be charged at the end of the trial period.

If you don't want to continue with a subscription, be sure to cancel your trial before it ends to avoid being charged. Also, don't forget which platform you started your trial on. Pandora offers a variety of trials and you'll need to visit the platform to cancel. Some examples are: Apple, Google Play, Amazon and Roku


Canceling a trial subscription

To avoid being charged the full subscription amount at the end of your free trial period, you will need to turn off auto-renewal before the trial expiration date. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time and still enjoy the full length of your trial.

If you don't turn off auto-renewal before the end of the trial, the payment method you selected will be charged at the conclusion of the free trial period.

The instructions for canceling your trial will differ depending on the details of the trial offer and the device you used to initiate the trial. For example, if you started your free trial through Apple, you'll need to cancel your trial through the App Store on your iOS device.

For step-by-step instructions on how to turn off auto-renewal, refer to How to Cancel Your Subscription.

Why do you require payment information for a trial subscription?

We may require payment information to begin a trial of Pandora Plus, Pandora Premium or Pandora Premium Family because we believe that our listeners may be interested in becoming paid subscribers. This helps provide a smooth transition for those who enjoy the trial and want to continue the service. Requiring payment information to initiate a trial is a practice common among many online subscription services.

You will receive an email notification confirming the length and terms of your trial when you sign up, and you won't be charged until the free trial ends. In addition, you're welcome to cancel your trial at any time.

If you discontinue the auto-renewal of your trial subscription, you will not be billed when the trial concludes, and your account will return to the free version of Pandora.


Why did I get charged for a trial? I thought it was free.

Be sure that you cancel ahead of time! If you don't cancel your trial subscription more than 24 hours before the trial expiration date, your subscription may renew and you may be charged the full amount for a subscription.

Billing cycles may differ between vendors, we’ve found that canceling your subscription at least 3 days before the expiration date is the best way to avoid any charges.

Keep in mind that uninstalling the Pandora app does not automatically cancel the subscription for you


Pandora Premium sessions

Along with our typical trials, we have Pandora Premium access sessions, which allow you to search and play the content you love when you want – even if you're not a Pandora Premium subscriber. This will involve watching or listening to an advertisement (even if you're a Pandora Plus subscriber).

Learn more about Premium Sessions: Tanner's Tips: #2 Premium Sessions 

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