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@justin41  how are you doing?? My name is Matt, and I am from Up-State N.Y. I love all kinds of music, all kinds except for Rap. You and I had a small introduction a few day's back. I post GSOTD, along with This Day In Music History. @justin41 , anytime you feel like posting a song you like, please feel free to do so. I will add it to the GSOTD playlist I had created just for that purpose.

Well, hope to see you around the community more. @justin41  if you ever have a question or a problem with anything related Pandora, these are the one's you would want to reach out and contact. @AdamPandora , @ErickPandora , @TannerPandora  and @AlyssaPandora . These are the Moderator's for Pandora, they are good people, and would do all they can to help you. 

Take care and stay safe.


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