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How can I get more listeners

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How can I get more listeners 

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@Corleyawn Are you an artist?

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He’s talking about more then one device can listen to the same curated playlists we’ve been using & creating for years. I want patio speakers to have my music playlists & my phone to do the same on it’s own journey through sound. Pandora isn’t the best dj but it gets me to new music 

@Djwhynotlove, @Corleyawn you change your subscription to the family plan, that way you can have seperate devices through the family. Each family member can log on by using their own email account, or you yourself can access it using the devices you want for your music experience. I hope this helps you for what you want. If not then here are the ones that can explain it more clearly.

@ErickPandora, @AdamPandora, @AlyssaPandora, @TannerPandora, @GeraldPandora and @ShannonPandora

Have a great evening, take care and stay safe.

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