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Amazon Alexa: Won't Play Requested Station

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Recently stations that have always worked with the Pandora skill on an Alexa device have stopped working. I'll say something like "tell Pandora to play the station calm yoga music." Until recently, it would play  my station which matches that name. But recently it has stopped finding some stations. And once it loses it, it will never find it again. It feels like there's a cache or something that's storing names of recently played stations and if it isn't in the cache, the Pandora skill won't find it from the Alexa device. It's quite frustrating because this is the only way I listen to my music and I have to keep going to the Alexa app and finding my Pandora stations there. I don't understand why the Pandora skill can't find them.

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I have been using Pandora on the Alexa for a couple of years now and and finally starting to have some issues. Whenever I ask her to play my "Peter Hollens Station" which I listen to quite often, she either plays "Peter Hollens Holiday" or she tells me "there are no stations by that name" I have tried to make a special routine for it with voice commands but I get told the same thing even though it's been typed in. 


I also have occasionally had it tell me I cannot send feedback on certain stations - Peter Hollens included. and since there is no way to access my listening history on the Alexa I am not sure what to do. I have tried to search the songs I dislike but cannot down thumb there either

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@Shadowkatts43 I moved your post over to this existing thread: Amazon Alexa: Won't Play Requested Station

Thanks for your patience as our engineers continue to investigate this issue.

In the meantime, you can use the following steps as a work-around to listen to a station on your Alexa device:

  • Open the Pandora app and start your station.
  • Next open the Alexa App and tap Play in the bottom navigation menu.
  • Locate the same station in Pandora section found under Recently Played.
  • Tap on the station to choose your preferred speaker.

We appreciate your understanding as we work on this.

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Can someone from Amazon or Pandora please assist?  This is so frustrating. Something changed and now tons of people are having issues. Please help us fix it or undo whatever you did. 


Someone on a previous message suggested using the Alexa app to change the names of your stations; then use voice commands to play them; then go back and rename them back to their original names. It worked for me and I'm hoping that whoever came up with that idea is reading this so they can accept my thanks. 

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I had this problem for over a year. Finally found the perfect solution! I dumped Pandora and Alexa and now listen to music using Siri and Apple Music. Not only does this work every time, but the variety of music on the stations is so much better.

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I did the same and I have had no problems since!

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Yeah, it is still a problem for me. I should consider ditching as well.
Crazy how long this hasn't been working. Absolute insanity.
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HEY GUYS I FIGURED IT OUT, I hope you all get to see this and it works for you.

Our Alexas are connected to my son's Pandora acct (because you can only have 1 acct attached for the whole family). Well he opened his Pandora app and saw all these stations that he doesn't listen to or didn't recognize and... HE DELETED THEM! UGH

So I had him add the stations I use back, and now I can request them through any of our Alexas again.

Make sure the stations you are requesting are listed in whoever's Pandora account is registered in your Alexa app. I hope this was helpful and saves AMZ some customers because I was about to quit on them myself.

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