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Songs cut off before they are finished

Local Performer

Abrupt cut offs happen on a LOT of songs. Extremely annoying and not something you should expect paying for a service.

 I use the app on my iPhone 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Quantum I moved your post over to the iOS space since this sounds specific to your iPhone.

I'd be happy to help with any trouble you are having, but I will need additional information to do so.

Can you explain your issue a bit further?

  1. What do you mean by abrupt cut offs?
  2. Is there an error message? If so, what does it say?
  3. Can you provide me with a screenshot of what you're seeing?

The more details you're able to provide, the better equipped I'll be to help.

I look forward to hearing back.

Local Performer

No error messages. Nothing to show you. The endings of tracks are chopped abruptly like bad editing. No natural decay or fade - music  stops abruptly 20-30% of the time. 

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Pandora Moderator - Emeritus
Pandora Moderator - Emeritus

Thanks for the clarification @Quantum!

I've enabled a trace on your account so that we can take a closer look at what's going on. For this trace to be helpful and potentially help with the playback issues, please complete our iOS Troubleshooting Steps.

However, if you're still experiencing issues, could you tell me more about your device so I can pass it along to our engineers?

  • Device & Generation: (e.g. iPhone X, iPad Air (3rd gen), etc.)
  • Carrier:
  • iOS version: (Settings > General > About > Version)
  • Pandora version: (Pandora > Profile tab > Settings gear & scroll to the bottom of the screen) 

Are you connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data when this is happening?

Have you identified any other patterns or notable information?

Thanks for your help with this!

Gerald | Community Moderator
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