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iOS: "There Was an Error Saving the Playlist"

Local Performer

On my iPhone 12, when I try to edit my thumbs up playlist and click done, I get a message that says, "There was an error saving the playlist." And the song hasn't deleted. I've tried closing and re-opening the app, but the songs are still there.

I've also tried deleting songs from my playlist on my desktop (a Mac laptop). I have some success in deleting songs, but there is a weird glitch happening where I get to a certain place on my playlist, and a few things happen all at once:

1) I no longer have the option to delete songs

2) Most songs are showing up as numerous duplicates

3) The scroll bar keeps changing (as if the playlist is multiplying in loading more and more songs, perhaps creating more duplicates as mentioned in #2)

Not sure if my devices are possessed, or if there's a way to clean this up. Thanks in advance.


mod edit: changed title for clarity

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@Keisha84 Thanks for following up.

To clarify, do you also see the "There Was an Error Saving the Playlist" error message when attempting to delete tracks from your playlists?

Or is the issue that tracks re-appear on your playlist after you attempt to delete them?

Lastly, can you please give me an example of:

  • the name of the track you are trying to delete
  • the name of the playlist you are trying to delete it from

Let me know.

Adam | Community Moderator

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Here's a screenshot of what happens when I try to delete songs from my playlist. 

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Pandora Moderator - Emeritus
Pandora Moderator - Emeritus

Hi @Keisha84 👋

Thanks for providing that screenshot and sorry for the continued trouble.

I was able to successfully delete that track from your playlist. Let me know if you still see it on your end.

In the meantime, I suggest updating your Pandora app through the App store for a better listening experience. To learn how to update your app visit here.

Lastly, I've passed your feedback along to our engineering team so they can take a closer look at it, we appreciate your patience in the meantime!


Gerald | Community Moderator
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Thanks Gerald.