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Introduce Yourself


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Welcome to the Pandora Community! Whether you've been a long-time Pandora listener or are new to our platform, we'd like to take the time to welcome you to the Pandora family!


We'd also like to take this time to hear from you! Share a picture of yourself below (if you feel comfortable doing so) and add the following so we have a better understanding of who you are:


  • Name?
  • Where you're from?
  • What your favorite genre of music is?
  • What you're currently listening to?
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service?


We hope to hear from many of you and hope that your Pandora Community experience is a memorable one. 🎧

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  • Name? Llujah (Artist Name)
  • Where you're from? Tucson, AZ
  • What your favorite genre of music is? Hip-Hop/Rap
  • What you're currently listening to? Lil Baby
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service? Not sure yet. I'm new to Pandora

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I see you like Hip-Hop. You should check out my EP I uploaded to Pandora when you have a chance. I would definitely be interested in hearing your feedback.  

  • Name? Roger


  • Where you're from? Stamford,CT.
  • What your favorite genre of music is? Classic Rock/Early-Mid 80's Pop & Rock
  • What you're currently listening to? Pat Benatar
  • Favorite feature of the Pandora service? Undecided312933021_10158926173037233_8968800311787228694_n.jpg

Opening Act
  • Cooper
  • Riverside, CA
  • 2 favorite genres: Rock and Rap
  • A lot of rap
  • How you guys give is questions that we can answer

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the community, @cooper12!

I'm happy to hear you've been enjoying our various questions of the week! 😎

Opening Act

@TannerPandora 'Death of a Bachelor is by far my favorite Album from them. Sadly they had to split. I know that everyone from Panic at the Disco! will do great on there solo journeys. My favorite from the band was Brandon Urie. 


Trench Life mixed with the farm and wildlife for Life 😁 

Please someone lemme get it right 

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Hi everyone! Just want to quickly introduce myself!

  • Name? Angel
  • What your favorite genre of music is? Indie Anything
  • What you're currently listening to? Comedy Podcasts
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service? Creating stations from songs.


My name is Mila I am from Clinton WI. My favorite music is rap or hip hop. I currently listen to league of legends, christian rap, and hip hop. my favorite feature from Pandora is that you can find a song and add it to you playlist when you are on you playlist.

                 Hello Pandora community, my name is Mila I am 14 years old and I am from Clinton WI. I really love my life I've got the perfect crush, loving father and mother, awesome siblings, and an odd school. I am really glad that I can share my story with people and I hope that someone can relate to my story. I love music A lot. 

If you want to here more about me you can ask questions or something.

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Hi all! 

  • Name?  AnaPaula 🐺
  • What your favorite genre of music is? I have different favorite music genres but I would say my top 3 are Rock, Rap, and Classical 
  • What you're currently listening to? My current obsession is Måneskin 🎸💖 Their latest album is so good  RUSH! (ARE U COMING?)
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service? Searching music on "Moods and activities" also I like the discovery mode in all the stations 🎶


Hi! I'd like to present myself.

  • Name? Leon.
  • What your favorite genre of music is? Rock.
  • What you're currently listening to? Hammer to Fall from Queen.
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service? Offline listening.



I'm Maria, I love listening to  a wide variety of music, from Heavy Metal to K-pop and some folk and Classical music sprinkled in between.

Currently Im listening to Lindsey Stirling's Take Flight ❤️🎻 (actually the violin is one of my favorite musical instruments)

I love the Station modes because thay allow me to discover new music or let my preferred artists play depending on my mood. 

Local Performer
  • Name?Joe 
  • Where you're from? Minnesota
  • What your favorite genre of music is? Rock of most genres some rap hip hop classic rock and rock rap
  • What you're currently listening to?rehab early albums
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service?not sure yet


Thank you for taking your time well I'm a small town dj I shuffle music on Pandora im really into the dj lifestyle 


cecheveria392 hope you hear from my station hip hop n reaggeton in the mix 2024


My Names Carlos echeveria I'm from the city of Hollywood my favorite music to listen too is reaggeton big fan been listening to yg lately n joe Moses hood music I feel me holla back 

Local Performer


  • Name? I opted not to say but this thing tagged me anyways 
  • Where you're from? Illinios, Mississippi, Alabama, California, Tennesee, and Louisiana re:1st is the last and last us the 1st (8)
  • What your favorite genre of music is? Not sure, hard pick |}
  • What you're currently listening to? There is a television show playing that my guy picked out  and our son is making cooing sounds
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service? Ecclesiasticalism 
Lauren E. Connelly

Local Performer

Hey there 😊 ... I'm Hope. My heritage is Nigerian although I grew up all over. My favorite genre of music is Indie Folk (Mumford & can't get any better than this, right?). Songs that I can't get enough of (and can listen to forever) are Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara, 3AM by Halsey, and River by Bishop Briggs. My favorite thing on Pandora right now is the "moods" feature. Take good care.

Local Performer

Just starting 

Opening Act

I remembered that first time feeling listening to pandora years ago 

Commercial grade presentation..