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Q: The one love song you always come back to?


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Share the one love song that always finds its way back onto your playlist! ❤️

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❣️I have a throuple of songs! ❣️


Love Hangover - Diana Ross

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I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

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Dangerously in Love - Beyonce

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Tanner | Community Moderator

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I have always had a soft spot for great love songs. Many of us could go on for hours naming artists along with their love songs. I will add my top five. Maybe 10, we'll know when I'm finished.

1). I Can't Stop Loving You by the late great Ray Charles.

2). The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack. 

3). You Were Meant For Me  by Jewel  

4). The Rose 🌹 by Bette Midler 

5). Wind Beneath My Wings (2015 Remaster) by Bette Midler

6). Endless Love by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie 

7). I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston 

8). You Mean The World To Me  by Freya Ridings

9). You Take My Breath  Away by Eva Cassidy

10). Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers

11). Don't Know Much (feat. Aaron Neville) (2015 Remaster) by Linda Ronstadt 

12). The Sweetest Thing (I've Ever Known) by Juice Newton

13). I Get To Love You by Ruelle

14). The Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A.  by Donna Fargo

15). Lost In Love  by Air Supply

16). Love Like This  by Lauren Daigle (I very easily could have added at least five more from her)

17). Faithfully  by Journey 

18). More Of You  by Chris Stapelton

19). You Sang To Me  by Marc Anthony

20). Nothing Compares 2 U (2015 Remaster) by Sinead O'Connor

21). I'll Stand By You (2009 Remaster) by The Pretenders 

22). In Spite of Ourselves (feat. Iris Dement) by John Prine

23). 2 Become 1 by Jewel

24). I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis

25). I Got You Babe by Sonny & Cher

26). You Are My Sunshine by Jasmine Thompson

So I lied, I gave my top 26 favorites instead of just 10. I hope you enjoy the music. Take care and GOD bless...



Community Manager
Community Manager

@MOHLovesAlaska @TannerPandora I love your choices. ❤️

It's hard for me to pick one, so here are a few that come to mind:

Dontchange by Musiq Soulchild


Sure Thing by Miguel

_500W_500H (1).jpg

Best Part by H.E.R.

_500W_500H (2).jpg

Diamond in the Rough

Nice list.  May I suggest your format would be better as something like:

1). I Can't Stop Loving You by Don Gibson; favorite performer: the late great Ray Charles.

2). The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Ewan Maccoll; favorite performer: Roberta Flack.

3). You Were Meant For Me by Jewel Kilcher & Steve J Poltz; favorite performer: Jewel

4). The Rose 🌹 by Amanda Mcbroom; favorite performer: Bette Midler

5). Wind Beneath My Wings by Jeff Silbar & Larry Henley; favorite performer: Bette Midler (2015 Remaster)


I know this is kind of a social convention, to cite a song and use "by" as an abbreviated form of "performed by" not really "by" but this is music platform and you're an official moderator.  I would hope you would ideally choose to hold yourself to a higher standard and respect copyrights and formal citing, to wit:

Dontchange by Carvin Haggins, Frank Romano, Ivan Barias & Taalib Johnson; favorite performer: Musiq Soulchild

Sure Thing by Miguel Jontel Pimentel & Nathan Perez; favorite performer: Miguel 

Best Part by Ashton Dumar Simmonds, Gabriella Wilson, Jordan D. C. Evans, Matthew Raymond Burnett & Riley Ian Bell; favorite performer: H.E.R., featuring Daniel Caesar


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lost in love 


Community Manager
Community Manager

I agree - this is tough! I have quite a few like @MOHLovesAlaska


Magic by ColdPlay



Cruisin' by Smokey Robinson



A Sunday Kind of Love by Etta James



If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys

Alyssa | Community Manager
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@AlyssaPandora@AdamPandora@28jmgray@TannerPandora@NADRIP  yall made some great choices as well, this playlist could easily become a mile long with all of the great love songs that have been made over the years, and even centuries...If you included some of the opera and classical greats...

Take care and GOD bless...

P.S @NADRIP I do appreciate your suggestion on how to address songs by the music artist. But when I take a song from a music artist's album I state that is by them because it was taken from their album. I have occasionally stated the original music artist to a song that someone else may have redone if I knew for sure they were the original or true performer for that song. For example, You Were Meant For Me. No one would know that Steve Poltz was the co-writer of that song unless you looked at the full credits for that song on Jewel's Album Pieces Of You, and as far as Steve Poltz performing with Jewel for that song it only shows in the credits and not on the title of the song. That is too time-consuming to look up each song so that is why I say by so and so and not the way you suggest, which by the way as I stated above is appreciated. 

Have a great evening, and I do hope to see you around more often within the community. Take care and GOD bless...



I always think of love lost (the one that got away), so:

Coldplay's "Warning Sign" 

Lit's "Perfect One"

Honeybrowne's "Texas Angel"


Great list!

@DaveInTheMedCtr I have this song in a couple of my Playlists that I have created. And I agree this song could very easily be on this post within someone's playlist, just like you have done. Thanks for posting as well as participating. Hope to see you around the community more often. Take care and GOD bless...


Diamond in the Rough

fools (can't help falling in love) by foster,sody& sarcastic sounds

I'm not sure how I forgot to add these songs to my playlist so here they are...

Heart And Soul by T'Pau

Long Long Time by Linda Ronstadt 

Summer Home In Your Arms by Jewel

Waiting For A Girl Like You by Foreigner

Be Here To Love Me by Norah Jones

Stay With You by John Legend

Together Again by Emmylou Harris 

The Power Of Love (Radio Edit)  by Celine Dion 

I've Been Loving You Too Long by Otis Redding

When does it end? With love songs never...

Take care and GOD bless...






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