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Tor Web Browser: Only Works as "Guest" / Stops Playing

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I have had and used Pandora Desktop App on my Windows 10 Pro computer running Tor Browser FOREVER. Never had a problem. Both Widows and Tor have all updates installed... and they were all already installed the last time Pandora worked like it should. Worked fine at late as yesterday. NOW all of a sudden, with no changes to anything, I can open Pandora as a "guest" and it will play stopping. HOWEVER, when I try to actually log in to my account, the music refuses to play... endless buffering starts... no pictures accompany the "Now Playing"  display, etc. I suddenly get messages that say "Poor network connection. Listening will resume when it's restored" or "Authentication failed. Authentication Ticket Mismatched, failed authentication." and other weird behavior. 

So we can skip the "solutions" that do not SOLVE anything...

Yes, my internet connection speed is very fast, very stable, and works for EVERYTHING but Pandora. No, first resetting and then even uninstalling the Pandora Desktop App from the Microsoft store did NOT fix anything. No, clearing the Tor browser cache, erasing ALL history, giving Pandora specific site permissions in the browser, and making sure the Autoplay function in the Tor browser was set to "play audio & video" did not "fix" the problem.

PLEASE do NOT just suggest that I abandon the Tor browser, which MILLIONS of people rely on for privacy. Like I said, Tor AND Pandora have ALWAYS worked fine together up till now and it STILL works when I sign into the Pandora site as a "guest". The only time there is any problem is when I sign in as myself.

Logic seems to dictate that some kind of setting inadvertently got associated with my actual account but is not activated when I sign in as a "guest".

So as a start, (which would save millions of us a LOT of time) could you just publish WHICH Windows 10 Services MUST be set to "automatic" AND MUST be "running" in order for Pandora to function properly.

Second, can you also identify any Tor Browser setting which must be configured to allow Pandora to run properly ? I'm not just talking about the Tor Browser interface but also the "about:config" settings that allow deeper customization of the Tor browser.

I know "Pandora does not support the Tor browser" per se... but it would save EVERYBODY a LOT of frustration if someone, somewhere at Pandora would just take the time to go through the settings for BOTH Windows 10 and the Tor Browser and give us a template rather than try to answer 10,000,000 individual questions.

Pandora DOES support Firefox, which Tor is built on and the "about:config" browser settings on both Firefox and Tor are identical... so I don't think this is really asking too much.

It seems like Pandora may have decided to "punish" free accounts by making them not work all of a sudden or by throttling their connection speeds to free accounts. If that is the unfortunate decision Pandora has made... then that decision and behavior needs to be made PUBLIC. 

If on the otherhand, some setting simply needs to be toggled on or off, to get things working again, that ALSO ought to be easy enough to ACTUALLY solve by someone with actual knowledge of how Pandora is built and how it interfaces with Windows 10 and Tor.

Thanks !


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