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DirecTV: Not available in this country error message

Local Performer

Today we rebooted our TV for other problems and when logging and setting up the Internet I get a message that Pandora is not available in this country. How do I correct that? We've never had a problem and use Pandora just about every day of the week. We're confused. Help!

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Local Performer

Same DirecTV issue (Pandora not available in this country error ) where Genie works fine but other whole house connected HR24 DVR quit working a few days ago.  Not sure if how it passes data through coaxial to the other DVR with the Genie connected directly to the network is part of the issue.

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Hey @cjl thanks for posting! I've added your info to our ticket. Our engineers are still investigating this one, it's a doozy.

Thanks for your patience! 

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