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Tanner's Tip: #12 Podcasts



Welcome to Tanner's Tips!

This post is dedicated to all the great features that Pandora has to offer. Each week I'll be talking about and breaking down a Pandora feature in detail. Some of you may be using these features every day and others maybe not so much. My goal is to introduce something new and fun to your Pandora experience. Thanks for listening! 🎧

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  • Device: Mobile, web and select devices
  • SubscriptionFree (Ad-supported), Plus, Premium (individual), Premium Family

In celebration of International Podcast Day - let's talk about Podcasts! 🎉  Looking for some Podcast suggestions? Check out our International Podcast Day post in Playlist Swap from some of Pandora's very own. 


What devices can I use to listen to podcasts on Pandora?

For now, our full podcast collection is only available if you're listening through our mobile app, website, and select devices with the latest version of our app.

As we continue to gather more feedback, it will become available on more devices.


How do I find or collect podcasts in My Collection?

To collect podcasts, use Search,  Browse or For You to find an episode or series and select (+) My Collection. 

To stay up to date with your favorite shows, we recommend adding the entire podcast to your collection by going to the main program page and toggling the (+) My Collection button.

Once you've collected a podcast or podcast episode, you can view it under My Collection.

  • Free listeners and Pandora Plus subscribers will select My Collection and then Podcasts.

  • Pandora Premium subscribers will select My Collection and filter (on the right under the album art)  your collection by Podcasts to view any podcasts you've added to your collection.

If you don't have anything there, you may not have collected the podcast you're looking for, or you may need to update your mobile app to the latest version (if you are listening to Pandora through a mobile device).


How do I subscribe to podcasts on Pandora?

Unlike other podcast services, Pandora doesn't use "subscriptions" to keep track of the podcasts you follow. Instead, go to the main program page for whatever podcast you'd like to track, and press the (+) My Collection button.

This will add the entire program to your Pandora podcast collection, so that you can stay up to date with the latest episodes as they're released.


How do Thumbs work with podcasts?

Like Thumbs on radio stations, Thumbs on podcasts help us recommend other content you may enjoy. However, unlike Thumbs on songs, Thumbed-down podcasts will continue playing unless you choose something else.

It's not yet possible to see a list of all your thumbed podcasts, but you can edit the Thumbs you've applied to podcasts by searching for the podcast episode, starting it, and applying the correct Thumb.


Can I listen to podcasts offline?

It's not currently possible for subscribers to download podcasts for offline listening.


Why am I hearing ads on my podcasts if I'm a subscriber?

Some podcasts on Pandora are pre-compressed audio files, so advertisements that appear in the original recording will still be heard.

Since these are not advertisements from Pandora, they cannot be removed or disabled.

Tanner | Community Moderator
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Yes - love podcasts! Thanks for these tips, @TannerPandora. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Moderator
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@AlyssaPandora I only recently started listening to podcasts in the past couple of years - I can't get enough!



Tanner | Community Moderator
~ Check out Tip #16 Alarm Clock from Tanner's Tips
~ Check out Pandora Top Thumb Hundred Chart

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