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Pandora BT in Kenwood Car Stereo


Hello, I've been a Pandora subscriber for years. I have the app on my Samsung S22, and my Fire TV. I also have it set as my default music stream on my Amazon Echo device. The service works great on all three. Here's my issue. I have Kenwood Stereos in both of my automobiles. They both have integrated source for Pandora BT. I have updated the firmware on the Kenwoods. My Pandora app is updated. So let's get that out of the way. When I start the app on my phone and switch the source to Pandora BT on my car units I expected Pandora to play through my head unit. It does not. I know the app on the phone is playing because I can see the graphics on the EQ moving. Pandora customer service wasn't much help. Kenwood customer assistance is nearly non-existent. Two things that may help. My Kenwood manual instructs me to go into settings and turn the Pandora Source to ON. I did that. No results. The app will play fine if I switch to BT Audio but not the integrated Pandora BT source. Has anyone been through this. Does any one have any solutions? Thank you in advance.

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