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Family Plan: "Someone Else is Listening" Message

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This is happening to me.  What do you mean by "each member of your family will need to beloved into their devices using their own personal Pandora accounts?"  Can't they log into the family plan account from their own device?  I'm totally confused.  Thanks in advance.


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I got the Family Plan in order to be able to have Pandora play at home through my Alexa devices when I'm not there to deter thieves while also playing either in my car through Android Auto or on my phone. So I have created an extra email address just for that. None of this has helped as I still get the "someone else is listening to Pandora" message. I can't figure out how to get this to work - it seems that both Alexa and Android Auto are always going to use the same email account. How can I get this to work? By the way, I also want to be able to use the Family Plan at my office for a third account, but I thought it would be a good idea to get it working on 2 accounts before trying a third.

I have 2 accounts with different email addresses on my Family Plan. When I try to change the email address in the mobile app, after entering the password, I get the message "An account already exists with that email address" and I cannot change it. What is going on? How do I change it?

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@kfrechman I moved your post over to this existing thread: Family Plan: "Someone Else is Listening" Message

If that error message is popping up, then that means you are still logged into the same Pandora account on multiple devices.

You mentioned you receive a An account already exists with that email address error message on one of your devices when attempting to sign in. If that error message is popping up, then that means you are on the account creation page, rather than the sign in page.

You don't have to create a brand new account if you are attempting to sign in, rather you can sign in using the email address/password combination associated with the account you want to use.

If you continue to run into issues, I do see you've submitted a message to our support team through our help page previously.

You can reply back directly to the last email they sent you, and they will be happy to further assist as well.

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