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Tech cancelled subscription

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Hopefully someone out there has experienced this, or can help in Pandora land... This started when I had trouble redeeming a gift card. I already paid for Pandora premium, and had it on auto-renewal. I was gifted a subscription to Pandora one. I emailed in, and the support tech, stopped my autorenewal and told me when I heard ads, to redeem my gift card. I did this, with the expectation that my subscription would remain the same. However, this changed it to Pandora plus. It then would not let me access Pandora premium. I then emailed support again, where I received the response from another tech, that they could cancel my gift membership, and that I would have to sign back up for premium. I emailed back asking the following : “But the gift card value would expire? My issue is that the pandora tech i emailed with earlier, had stopped my auto-renewal so that i could redeem the gift card. from the emails, i had expected my membership to stay the same. If i was aware it would change to this pandora plus ( that i didn't know existed).. i never would've authorized the tech to stop my autorenewal, and would've gifted my pandora one gift card to someone else. I want my pandora premium, however, i don't want this gift card to go to waste. Can i pay the difference to activate pandora premium for the next 6 months? or gift this subscription for pandora plus to someone else?” I never received a response, and then a couple hours later, I received an email that my gift membership had been cancelled. Without my authorization. Now I lost a brand new 6 month membership, and only have pandora with ads, and am not able to get it fixed.

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@Racheala I definitely understand your frustration with all of this.

I have reached to our support team to see what is going on, and they mentioned they will be sending you another message via email to further assist you.

Please keep an eye out for their message! 

Adam | Community Moderator

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