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Pandora app does not cast to Xbox in any way.

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I can cast YouTube to my Xbox but not pandora?

its kind of a dealbreaker and I love Pandora but I’m getting really tired of this problem. Spotify has it and I really like pandora but if you can’t fix it soon I’m going to switch.  

I would like to know if anyone else has this issue.I’ve had this issue for over a year and on Xbox One, Cbox One X, Xbox One S and I’m about to get the Xbox Series X and if it doesn’t get fixed by then, I’m leaving pandora.

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Hi @Dyedhalo! Thanks for posting.

Casting is not supported on Xbox devices. There are some third-party applications available for casting from your mobile device to Xbox devices.

However, Pandora does not officially support these apps.

Keep in mind, YouTube works a little different and gives the option to stream directly on devices that are on similar networks.

Let me know if you experience the same listening issues when streaming from the Pandora app available in the app store of your device.

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