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Roku TV - Unexpected error when using shuffle

Local Performer

Shuffle worked beautifully the first year of owning this TV.  For over one month, each time I try to shuffle the message displays:  An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again.  

I deleted all the stations and tried rebuilding but that did not help.  

I deleted the app off the TV and tried reloading but that did not help either. 

Please help me figure this out.  It is the most used feature I use and I am missing it terribly. Thank you. 

Moderator Edit: Changing title for clarity

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@dhmunoz I moved your post over to the Other Devices space.

I've enabled a trace on your account to help us better understand what's happening.

For this trace to be useful, we'll need you to run through our troubleshooting steps once more:

First, please try a few standard network troubleshooting steps: 

  • Try rebooting your modem and router, then restarting the Roku player. 
  • Try connecting directly with an Ethernet cable rather than using Wi-Fi, if the option is available for your model. 

If you are still having trouble, please try using the steps in the following link to update your Roku software:

Finally, try deleting the Pandora channel from My Channels, and try re-adding it from the Channel Store. (You can find the Remove channel option by pressing the * key on your remote while the Pandora channel is highlighted on the home screen.) 

Let me know how it goes.

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Local Performer

Dear Adam - 

     I have tried everything you suggested  - removed channel, disconnected from internet and replugged, etc.  Also just checked for system updates.  I'm still getting the error message when I try to shuffle. 

     Could you please contact me as soon as you're able- this is my favorite feature and I've been missing it for over two months now.  

     I plan to cancel and go with Spotify if this cannot be resolved this week - thanks for understanding! 

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Hi @dhmunoz!

I was investigating your experience and didn't see anything of note in the trace log. I'm happy to continue to look into this.

Would you mind trying to replicate this experience by play shuffle on your Roku and letting me know the time and date you receive the message. I'll be able to take a closer look.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Tanner | Community Moderator

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Local Performer

I am having the same issue.  I have done all of the suggested troubleshooting steps.

I also get that error when I try to "uncheck" favorite songs.

Pandora also just randomly shuts down.

Please help.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Shaithan I've enabled a trace on your account to help us better understand what's happening.

For this trace to be useful, we'll need you to try reproducing this issue for us once more.

Please note the date and time the error appears for you next and let us know on this thread.

Additionally, could you tell me more about your Roku device?

  • What is the model?
  • What is the serial number? (Settings > System > About)
  • What Roku software version is your device using? (Settings > System > About)
  • What Pandora channel version are you on? (Highlight the Pandora channel icon and select the * key.)

Thanks for working with us on this. 🤝

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