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Pandora in my Jeep goes black

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I've seen similar posts. My issue is Pandora funtionality is inoperative when driving. I can't skip songs, can't thumbs up, see other playlists, etc. The only way I can change anything is to exit out of the app, find another playlist and reconnect. It connects fine, plays fine (tho sometimes in slow-mo, which is weird) but there's no ability to move around in offline mode and connected to BT. I have a Pioneer aftermarket stereo, the app shows album art on the stereo and seems to operate smoothly- unless you want to skip, thumbs up, or change playlists. My phone screen when connected is black with Accessory in white letters and and offline "switch". 

Thanks for any help!



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@Patriotwelding Someone from our Automotive team will be reaching out to you separately via email to help with this.

Please keep an eye out for their message.

Thanks for being a part of the community! 🎶

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